Thomas H. Alphin III
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Working with creative, sincere, collaborative people to deliver intuitive software and services to enrich people's lives. This requires a disciplined approach that follows the critical steps of researching, planning, designing, refining and delivering solutions in a timely manner.


Human Computer Interaction: Crafting elegant, focused solutions to address real end-user needs.

Team Culture: Fostering a positive team culture where I am excited to work, and ensuring that the right processes are in place to deliver great products.

Multimedia and Photography: Content authoring and editing experiences; organizing and sharing growing media libraries.

Data Visualization: Elegant solutions to help the most interesting and meaningful content rise to the top of large data sets.

GIS / Cartography: GPS technology, Topograhy, Mapmaking, and leveraging technology to correlate digital information to physical locations.


User-Centered Design Certificate Program, Graduated in 2006

University of Washington, Seattle, WA

Bachelor of Science in Computer Science Engineering, Graduated in 2002

Bucknell University, Lewisburg, PA


Program Manager - Windows 8, 2009-Present

The Windows User Experience team led the effort to reimagine Windows as a modern, touch-first "Metro" experience.

Delivered a modern Windows Out of Box Experience optimized for touch. This is how users will set up a new Windows 8 PC for the first time.

Partnered with the Windows Live team to allow users to sign-in to Windows using their Email address and password. This enables a wealth of new Windows capabilities including easy access to data stored in cloud services and roaming settings between PCs running Windows 8.

Delivered features to manage user accounts in a new modern PC Settings app. This includes adding user accounts, the PIN sign-in feature, and the User Switching experience.

Led a cross-team effort to improve the parental controls capabilities, and later drove a smooth transition of ownership of these features to another team.

Program Manager - Windows 7, 2006-2009

The Windows Core UX team owned the highest visibility user-facing features of Windows 7.

Redesigned the personalization features into a crafted Control Panel experience with a focus on a new theming capability.

Partnered with the Windows Kernel team to implement targeted refinements to the Power Management UX.

Managed the Ultimate Extras project while working on Windows 7. This gave customers who purchased the Ultimate Edition of Windows Vista free add-ons after the product's release.

Program Manager - Windows Media Center, 2005-2006

Worked on Windows Media Center, which shipped with Windows Vista Premium. It allows users to enjoy their multimedia content in the living room.

Revised the Media Center First Run experience to address end-user feedback and handle new display, audio and networking technologies. This included a new "Express Setup" feature, which allows users to accept the default settings with a single click.

Delivered improvements to the CD/DVD Burning capabilities of Media Center, which involved managing a delicate relationship with an external company.

Program Manager - Microsoft Office 2007, 2002-2005

Worked on the Microsoft Office PowerPoint Multimedia Team.

Designed the PowerPoint Podium view, a simple tool that lets presenters see their notes and change slides on their laptop while giving a PowerPoint presentation.

Led a cross-team effort to design a single Table Styles UI across Word/Excel/PowerPoint despite different underlying architectures. Helped effort to rewrite the PowerPoint tables capabilites by managing bugs, scoping changes, and making difficult resource decisions.

Wrote planning documents, competitive analyses and draft specifications exploring future investments for Office and PowerPoint.

Accessibility champion for PowerPoint, ensuring the product works well with accessibility aids such as screen readers and magnification tools.

Staff leader & Bookkeeper - Iron City Fishing Club, Summer 2001

Iron City Fishing Club is a getaway for families on the Georgian Bay in Ontario, Canada.

Internship - USinternetworking, Summer 1999 & 2000

Designed and implemented web-based document mangement solutions, and helped prepare a major update to the corporate website.

Computer Consultant - Bucknell Information Services, 1999-2000

Designed and implemented a custom library system to check out media equipment. The initial version used Microsoft Access, and I updated it to a web-based system built with PHP/SQL which could handle multiple users at a time.

Network Administration - Saint Anne's Day School, 1998-1999

Saint Anne's Day School is a co-educational Episcopal elementary school in Annapolis, MD.

Freelance Web Design, 1995-2002

Designed and implemented websites using the latest technologies including HTML, Javascript, CSS and Graphics Suites.


Software: Experienced Windows user; familiar with Mac, Linux and Solaris systems. Fluent in the entire Microsoft Office suite, Adobe Photoshop/Illustrator & more.

Hardware: Experienced in building, maintaining and troubleshooting computer hardware, servers and wired/wireless networks.

Programming: Experienced in HTML, C#, XAML, C, C++, SQL. Familiar with Javascript, Coldfusion, Java, PHP, Basic and others.


Washington Alpine Club: Instructor for the Basic Climbing Class, teaching foundational skills in rock climbing, technical snow travel and mountaineering.

Windows Phone development: Designed, developed, maintain and sell two applications for the Windows Phone platform to plan and track your visits to America's National Parks, and the 50 States in the US.

Boardgame design: I love "euro" styled board games which are fun and easy to teach, while having complex gameplay which blends strategic thinking and tactical analysis. I analyze games for both the emotional elements of their design and the complex interaction of gameplay elements, and am exploring game designs of my own.

Photo sharing service design: Designed a unique photo-sharing website that I built with a friend. It had a unique focus on free-form browsing of photos in a large, metadata-rich library. (In 2011, we took the site down since newer photo services finally have comparable capabilities.)

Photography: Passionate about capturing great photographs with a focus on landscape photography, wildlife photography and candid portraits.

Outdoor Sports: Enjoy hiking, backpacking, biking, camping, rock climbing, snowshoeing and snowboarding.

Eagle Scout: Earned in 1997 with Boy Scouts of America Troop 993, Severna Park, MD
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