Day 1: Bike Commuting.

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  1. Dean says:

    Great post. I tend to think the strengths outweight the weaknesses. Or I at least need to believe that to continue bike commuting haha. A couple days a week I have to go to another office which is considerably farther away. I’ve started driving only part way and riding the last few miles. I even got a folding bike so I can keep it in my trunk for these occasions. (and if I’m really not feeling it, leave it there and drive the whole way in). I think more people should consider this park and ride strategy, especially those who are just starting out (or want to start) but have a long commute.

  2. Rory Mackintosh says:

    Hello Tom:
    Sorry about contacting you this way but I couldn’t figure how else to do it. I downloaded your Tuckboxes v3.0. but am having trouble printing. My printer starts your pages (nothing else) about 5 cm (2 inches) from the top of the page. which means I loose the bottem. Of course the one I’d like to print (The Festival) gets cut in half. Is this a problen for any others and can you give any advice.
    Rory Mackintosh

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