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Top 5 LEGO architecture models 0

Top 5 LEGO Architecture sets (under 50$)

In 2008, LEGO introduced a dedicated “Architecture” product line aimed at appealing to a more mature audience. These sets are a little different from your everyday set: They come in a thick premium box...

Each drawer has been carefully labeled. 8

From buckets to bins: How to sort a lot of Lego

This article looks at strategies to sort a lot of Lego bricks efficiently, and different ways to store your bricks once they are sorted. I explain the process I used to sort 60 pounds of Lego before separating most of it into their original sets.

Using the Lego Ruler and Sorting guide to distinguish larger parts. 4

Lego Ruler and Sorting Tool

Today’s post is the second in the series about buying and selling used Lego. I don’t know about you, but I can easily distinguish a 1×2 from a 1×3 at a glance, but I...

IMG_4375-3 2

Lego Challenge #29: Vista House

I hiked up Mt Spokane yesterday and snowboarded down. For my 29th challenge, I built a Lego model of Vista house, the CCC era cabin on the summit.

Minifigs relax after a hard day on the slopes. 0

Lego Challenge #27: Rustic Cabin

Today’s challenge is to build a minifig-scale cabin. See the A-frame style cabin I built, a common design for regions like the Pacific Northwest which get a lot of snow.

Snow day for minifigs! 0

Lego Challenge #26: Ski Lodge

Today’s challenge was to build a ski lodge or rustic resort. See the scale model I made of the main lodge at the nearby Stevens Pass ski resort.