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From buckets to bins: How to sort a lot of Lego

This article looks at strategies to sort a lot of Lego bricks efficiently, and different ways to store your bricks once they are sorted. I explain the process I used to sort 60 pounds of Lego before separating most of it into their original sets.


Top 10 bricks missing from the Lego Architecture Studio

While the Lego Architecture Studio includes a great selection of bricks for creative architectural sketching, I found the selection of bricks is lacking in two main areas: bricks needed for advanced building techniques, and...


Lego Architecture Studio 30-day challenge

Update: The 30-day challenge described in this article took place in 2013. These early experiences inspired me to write the The LEGO Architect, a bestselling book which was published by No Starch Press in...


A Burning Man story

I arrived at Burning Man with CJ, my best friend from college on Tuesday night. He had never been, and I had only been once before, 9 years ago. I knew that attendance has...


The National Park Checklist

I worked on Amy’s birthday present for about a week, using source material from the National Park Service to create a detailed map and checklist of the 58 National Parks administered by the National Park...