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How is Single Malt (Scotch) Whisky made?

What do you do when it rains *a lot* on your trip to Scotland – learn how Scotch is made! See the 9-steps process to make whisky (with a lot of photos), as well as tips when planning your whisky-tasting trip to Scotland.


A Burning Man story

I arrived at Burning Man with CJ, my best friend from college on Tuesday night. He had never been, and I had only been once before, 9 years ago. I knew that attendance has...

List of the Fifty US States with a count of the number of states visited. 6

Fifty States, my first Windows Phone 7 app

Many folks set aspirational goals such as visiting every continent, climbing every mountain over a certain height or running your first marathon.  A common goal of many Americans is to visit all 50 US...

John pushing a stick into Lava on the Pacaya Volcano, Guatemala 8

Remembering John Merrill

Last Monday, I got a call from my parents that John, my closest friend from middle and high school had died while climbing a 14er in Colorado.  As the news articles came in, further...


The National Park Checklist

I worked on Amy’s birthday present for about a week, using source material from the National Park Service to create a detailed map and checklist of the 58 National Parks administered by the National Park...


The story behind the glossy National Park Brochures

In traveling parts of the United States during the family road trips of my teenage years, the maps and brochures from the National Parks were always interesting to me.  They were of consistently high quality, contained...


The History of the National Park Service

I love the National Park Service.  The locations they administer are almost always of great natural beauty or historical interest, and the facilities they administer within their parks are well managed, clean, and informative. ...