Fifty States, my first Windows Phone 7 app

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  1. Cory arce says:

    Nice!! If I had a windows phone I’d totally get it. Also, thanks to your wedding, I’ve only got 5 states to go now 🙂

  2. Suz says:

    Your app looks great. I like your icon, though I didn’t get the leather texture concept till you mentioned it.

  3. Hey Tom,
    Great blog site. I came across your site when I was looking for who posted a photo for windows 7’s public photos. I googled your name and spent a good hour perusing your blog. You have lived an interesting life with miriad travels.
    I am a teacher of 16 years in Illinois. My wife and I have been interested in the Seattle area for a few years – coincidence that I found your blog?!?
    If you find the time, would you be interested in answering some questions about the Seattle area – I am looking into teaching opportunities out there, but would be interested in some “on the ground” perspectives of daily living.
    Either way, I really enjoyed your posts. Thanks for sharing!


  4. d maakestad says:

    Love this app (and icon). Would really be nice if; dates added to list would automatically arrange themselves in chronicle order and (maybe) if a ‘thru’ date could be included. And dream? Ability to attach photos to entries. Alot to ask for 🙂 I have enjoyed using this app to track my trips. Thank you!

    • Tom Alphin says:

      Thank you for your support and constructive feature ideas / feedback. I agree that entries should be sorted by date. This should be easy and I will look into fixing this for a subsequent update. Adding support for a date range is interesting and I will think about it. I have also considered allowing users to record a visit without entering a date at all. As for more advanced functionality such as the ability to attach photos,.. we’ll see.

      If you enjoyed this application, please show your support by rating the application on the Windows Phone App Marketplace… Your reviews and comments help others find and enjoy this app.

      I’ve also just completed a related project, National Park Checklist for Windows Phone 7. Please give it a try.

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