Remembering John Merrill

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  1. Jim Robinson says:

    It’s obvious John was a very special person to all who knew him. I’m so sorry you lost such a dear friend. It’s very hard to lose someone close to you. I know this hurt you very much and Sharon and I have been thinking a lot about you. Hang in there. Try to remember all the great times you had together and cherish those memories. Like I told Amy, hold on tightly to each other and the love you two have will pull you through. We love you. Dad and Sharon.

  2. Ingunn says:

    Beautiful tribute, Tom. We thought about you a lot this past weekend.

  3. Tom Gavin says:

    I remember John from taking my field biology class at Cornell about 10 years ago. This really makes me sad. He was a really nice guy, and so full of energy. My condolences go out to his wife and family.

  4. Phil says:

    Awesome stories and memories, Tom. Though I don’t know either of you, I’m very sorry we lost a man as good as John. Thanks for helping me learn more about him and respect him for what he was to you and manyothers. I only have El D left, and I’ll make sure I pay due respects to John on my way up (and, by God’s grace) down.

  5. David Merrill says:

    Tommy. Thank you for this beautiful display of Johnny’s life and your friendship together. It will be four weeks come this Sunday, it continues to be hard, but I I know Johnny lives in my heart and walks with all of us everyday. It is such a blessing to know that he had you as a friend. I know the joy you gave him and he gave you through life. was full of excitement and love. Let us keep in touch as a way to keep remembering Johnny and continue the friendship that you and he had. You are a great person, a true friend, and I and my family thank you for all you’ve done. I’ll call you soon!

    David Merrill

  6. Gib Fitzpatrick says:

    Hi, Tom –

    I just received my copy of the Severn alumni magazine and read about John’s death. I’m not sure if you’ll remember me, but I was a math teacher at Severn when you and John were in 6th grade. I’m so sorry to hear about the accident. Thank you for putting this up so I had the chance to learn about what an amazing guy John had become. I remember him as a serious math student with a quirky sense of humor and a gleam in his eye — doesn’t surprise me to learn that he ended up living life so adventurously. And I still have the gift he gave me when I left Severn — a poem he wrote, illustrated and framed titled “My Role Model is Leaving” — one of the most special things a student has ever given me. I wish I’d been able to know John as an adult, but I’m glad to know he had a friend like you. I hope you’re doing well.

    – Mr. Fitz

  7. Chris Gerns says:


    I live in England now and just received the Severn alumni magazine which mentioned John’s death. I started attending Severn back in 1992 for the 7th grade and remember John well. He was a very positive and likeable person. He was a good kid and your blog shows that he became a great man. I’m so very sorry to hear of his passing. Thank you for creating this blog. My sincere condolences to his wife, his family, and his good friends like yourself.


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