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“The LEGO Architect” – a preview of my upcoming book!

I’m writing a book about LEGO Architecture! Learn more about my upcoming book which teaches popular architectural styles like Neoclassical, Art Deco, Modernism, and Postmodernism through LEGO. It will be published by No Starch Press later this year.


Videos about LEGO Architecture

You should see these short LEGO Architecture films: Culture Show: LEGO – Building Blocks of Architecture, an Interview with LEGO Architecture builder Adam Reed Tucker, and more….


LEGO Lincoln Memorial 20122 – Review and Box Build

I just found the latest new set in the LEGO Architecture series in a Toys R’Us store while on vacation in West Virginia. The set isn’t officially released until January, so I jumped at...


LEGO Movie Halloween Costumes

Check out the Halloween costumes my wife, Coworkers and I created based on our favorite characters from the recent LEGO movie. (Hint, I was the most enthusiastic master builder of them all!)


Behind the Scenes at BrickCon 2014

This year was my first time participating in the private BrickCon convention for Adult LEGO fans, instead of crowding in with thousands of LEGO fans of all ages during the short Public Exhibition. Since...


Building a winning Microscale LEGO model!

This year’s BrickCon LEGO Convention in Seattle ended yesterday, and I am excited to say that I was awarded a prize! No, it wasn’t for the largest model I had on display, the Geisel...