‘Geisel Library’ LEGO Architecture Model: Making the MOC

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  1. sharon says:

    Very cool. Have fun at BrickCon.

  2. Anthony says:

    You have got to be kidding me! I was at UCSD last weekend and saw Geisel Library and thought to myself “this would make a great architecture set!”. I got all excited because I thought I had an original idea, but then I saw this on Brickset. It seems you’ve beat me to the punch! This is an excellent model, well done! you should consider submitting this on LEGO Ideas.

  3. MUDASSIR says:

    I really impressed by this design.
    Same thing I want to do the creativity thinking by the LEGO ideas.

  4. dan says:

    So impressed! If it were an available official set I would buy it in a heartbeat, especially as a San Diego resident.

  5. Roger says:

    Thank you for sharing this model. I love to see this in LEGO architecture stile and would like to see it as a real set. Unfortunately I am an impatiant person, so I am so impressed, that I really had to build it right now. A great design captured in bricks.

  6. Michelle says:

    I love this!! as alumni and now staff at UCSD, I am now wanting to build one of these to sit in my office…

  7. Sid says:

    Is there a way we can buy this set from you? At the very least could you provide the instructions. Thanks

  8. Cindy says:

    What a beautiful piece my son and husband would love to have this. Will it ever become available to the public? Brings back great memories of the College days!

  9. Tom Alphin says:

    I don’t have any plans to make this model available for purchase as a set, or as a set of instructions, but maybe i’ll consider it this winter after the excitement of my new book has calmed down.

    Learn more at: http://thebrickarchitect.com/book/

  10. Bobby says:

    I would like to purchase this MOC set. Please contact me.

  11. Maple says:

    Just saw your models at BrickCon and was so excited to see the library!! As an alumni I would love to see this set made available to the public!

  12. Richard Winslow says:

    Really a very cool set, that would sit perfectly alongside my other architecture sets. I would not tell from the photos that it is a MOC – great work. Would happily buy the design, parts and name plate for this to sit on my shelf.

    • Tom Alphin says:

      @Richard, Maybe one day I’ll get a chance to create instructions and a partlist. In the meantime, I made instructions for one of my smaller models which will be published in a LEGO magazine soon!

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