Videos about LEGO Architecture

I’ve found a couple short films about LEGO Architecture that I’ve wanted to share in case you haven’t seen them yet.

The Culture Show: Lego – The Building Blocks of Architecture (2014)

Culture Show: LEGO - Building Blocks of Architecture

This is a 30-minute TV Programme by the BBC which explores how LEGO has influenced a whole generation of architects. The film includes a short sneak peek at the LEGO factory in Billund and short history of the LEGO company. The bulk of the show is a series of short interviews with influential architects and architecture critics including Bjarke Ingels of BIG, who has the commission to build the “LEGO House”, an upcoming museum in Billund, Denmark for LEGO enthusiasts.

The film also chronicles the recent history of architecture from Modernism, to the Postmodern period, and closing with the High-tech buildings created using advanced computer modeling which are at the forefront today. It closes by begging the question of how LEGO, and increasingly Minecraft, will influence the next generation of architects in the years to come.

You can watch the whole film on youtube:

LEGO® Architecture Creator: Adam Reed Tucker


This is a short video produced by DK in celebration of the release of their new book: LEGO Architecture: The Visual Guide. He talks about his desire to capture the essence of a building simply, and a few words about his favorite models.

Watch at youtube:–Nk4

Towering Ambition – Time lapse build of Burj Khalifa

Watch Adam Reed Tucker build a massive LEGO model of the Burj Khalifa in this short time-lapse film.

Watch it at youtube:

The LEGO Story


I shouldn’t forget the beautifully produced history of LEGO that was created on the 80th anniversary of the LEGO company. It is an excellent 17-minute 3D animated video.

The film chronicles the companies humble beginnings as a wooden toymaker, the transition to interlocking plastic bricks, the introduction of the minifigure, the decline in the 1990’s and their rebound as they developed licensed products such as Star Wars and Harry Potter.

Watch it at youtube:

The LEGO Movie

I’m sure you’ve already seen the LEGO Movie a thousand times, but I encourage you to re-watch it and pay more attention to the buildings and other models in the world. The entire world is built out of LEGO, and some of the architecture models are pretty interesting.

Did I forget your favorite movie about LEGO or LEGO Architecture? Leave a comment below!

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