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LEGO Ruler and Sorting Tool

This article is the second in the series about buying and selling used Lego. I don’t know about you, but I can easily distinguish a 1×2 from a 1×3 at a glance, but I...


Make lots of money by buying and reselling used LEGO!

This series of articles explores the practical economics of buying, sorting and selling bulk Lego. I will help assess what it takes to make real money by describing my own experience buying a large...


Top 10 bricks missing from the Lego Architecture Studio

While the Lego Architecture Studio includes a great selection of bricks for creative architectural sketching, I found the selection of bricks is lacking in two main areas: bricks needed for advanced building techniques, and...


Lego Challenge #30: Seattle Central Public Library

For my final challenge, I took my Lego bricks to the iconic Seattle Central Library where I built a model of the Map Room. See what it was like to build a Lego model inside a busy library.


Lego Challenge #29: Vista House

I hiked up Mt Spokane yesterday and snowboarded down. For my 29th challenge, I built a Lego model of Vista house, the CCC era cabin on the summit.


Lego Challenge #27: Rustic Cabin

Today’s challenge is to build a minifig-scale cabin. See the A-frame style cabin I built, a common design for regions like the Pacific Northwest which get a lot of snow.


Lego Challenge #26: Ski Lodge

Today’s challenge was to build a ski lodge or rustic resort. See the scale model I made of the main lodge at the nearby Stevens Pass ski resort.


Lego Challenge #24: Sculpture

Today’s challenge: Build a Lego recreation of a famous sculpture. Sculpture resources While you are welcome to recreate the famous sculpture of David using Lego bricks if you want to, I felt like I...


Lego Challenge #22: Build a Craftsman style home

Today’s challenge: Build a detailed Craftsman-style home using Lego Craftsman Style There are a lot of Craftsman style homes here in the Seattle area, especially in the suburban communities within Seattle city limits. Many...