Lego Challenge #29: Vista House

Today’s challenge: Build a Lego model of Vista House, the cabin on the summit of Mt Spokane

Yesterday I had an opportunity to climb up Mt Spokane and snowboard down afterwards. There was a decent amount of snow, but the ski resort isn’t open yet. Along my hike, I visited two historic buildings from the CCC era: The cabin on Beauty Mountain and the beautiful Vista House on the summit of Mt Spokane. For today’s project, I built a model of the Vista house cabin.

I'm at the top of Mt Spokane.

I’m at the top of Mt Spokane.

Panoramic view from the top of Mt Spokane.

Panoramic view from the top of Mt Spokane.

My Lego bricks are stored in my Swoop Bag using ziploc bags and 4 plano boxes. As such, I was able to bring them with me for Thanksgiving. I opened the bag up on the large coffee table at the house we were visiting and started building.

My Lego model of Vista House.

My Lego model of Vista House.

The round window was tricky, I had to attach an “arch” piece upside-down. I didn’t use any particularly advanced techniques in the rest of the model.

Front door detail.

Front door detail.


This was my first time building a Lego model away from our house, and I’m happy to say that my portable Lego architecture studio worked well. The model is a good likeness, although I don’t think I was able to achieve as much detail as some of my previous models.

P.S. Happy Thanksgiving!

project time: 1 hour.

Today’s post is part of my Lego Architecture Studio 30-day Challenge

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2 Responses

  1. sharon says:

    Glad to see you back. I was getting a little worried. 😉
    Nice model. No hope for hikes but I am sure I can find something online for inspiration.

  2. Tom Alphin says:

    I was busy leading up to the Thanksgiving holiday but I’m back! I am hoping to post my 30th and final (for now) challenge by the end of the weekend.

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