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Top 10 bricks missing from the Lego Architecture Studio

While the Lego Architecture Studio includes a great selection of bricks for creative architectural sketching, I found the selection of bricks is lacking in two main areas: bricks needed for advanced building techniques, and...


Lego Challenge #30: Seattle Central Public Library

For my final challenge, I took my Lego bricks to the iconic Seattle Central Library where I built a model of the Map Room. See what it was like to build a Lego model inside a busy library.


Lego Challenge #29: Vista House

I hiked up Mt Spokane yesterday and snowboarded down. For my 29th challenge, I built a Lego model of Vista house, the CCC era cabin on the summit.


Lego Challenge #26: Ski Lodge

Today’s challenge was to build a ski lodge or rustic resort. See the scale model I made of the main lodge at the nearby Stevens Pass ski resort.


Lego Challenge #24: Sculpture

Today’s challenge: Build a Lego recreation of a famous sculpture. Sculpture resources While you are welcome to recreate the famous sculpture of David using Lego bricks if you want to, I felt like I...


Lego Challenge #22: Build a Craftsman style home

Today’s challenge: Build a detailed Craftsman-style home using Lego Craftsman Style There are a lot of Craftsman style homes here in the Seattle area, especially in the suburban communities within Seattle city limits. Many...


Lego Challenge #19: Calculating Minifig Scale

I have created a new resource which explores this topic in more depth. You can find the newer article at: http://brickarchitect.com/scale/ This article may still be interesting since it looks at the process I...


Lego Challenge #17: Movie Theatre Facade

Today’s challenge: Build a detailed movie theatre facade. Researching historic Movie Theatres I love how older theatres and concert halls have intricate facades which often incorporate the name of the theatre in bold lettering,...


Lego Challenge #13: Build a model in the Brutalist style

Today’s challenge: Build a model in the Brutalist style. Brutalism is an architectural style dominated by massive poured concrete structures. It was initially used due to the low cost of construction, but became a...


Lego Challenge #10: Prairie style home

Today’s challenge: Build a home in the Prairie style made famous by the likes of Frank Lloyd Wright. I’m not obsessed with Frank Lloyd Wright like many folks, but I can understand why his...