Lego Challenge #25: Redesigning the Lego system – Introducing TomBlox

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3 Responses

  1. Tom Alphin says:

    It turns out that Lego created the “Modulex” line of bricks in the 60’s as an legitimate architectural modeling tool. Those bricks used the same proportions which I suggest – 1/2 cm cubic blocks, with 2 plates tall per brick.

    Some Modulex resources I’ve found:
    1) A great photo colllection of Lego-style models built using Modulex bricks (they came in a great variety of colors.)

    2) A detailed paper about the history of Modulex bricks.

  2. Philip says:

    Great article, linked to it from New Elementary, as well as your comment on using extra plastic due to thicker wall sections I think you would also run into trouble with the ratio of wall section to part size, possibly causing the part to warp. Look at the wall thickness of a standard 2×4.
    Also Technic “Studless” system is square cross section on the beam instead of 5/6 and 2 plate thicknesses.

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