Lego Challenge #18: Reverse engineering Lego bricks

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  1. Tom Alphin says:

    My apologies for not posting in a couple days – I have been out of town for some first aid training.

    I also wanted to let people know that Commenting was broken the last couple days and is now fixed. Thanks!

  2. Tom Alphin says:

    I wanted to mention that this has become one of the most visited articles on my site. A lot of traffic is directed to this page by the following forum discussion on


  3. Tom Alphin says:

    I just found some additional resources which might be interesting if you really want to geek out on the LEGO System:
    – The LDraw Unit system defines one plate as 8 LDraw Units tall. (That’s 4 of my own “p” units.)
    – some intensely precise measurements and analysis of the LEGO System: and
    – From the same author, a look at how some LEGO parts evolved over time:

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