Lego Challenge #19: Calculating Minifig Scale

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2 Responses

  1. Gerhardt Himmelmann says:

    I arrived at a scale of 1:43, based only on minifig height. However, I based my calculation on a global average human height of 1.7 metres, about 4% shorter than your value for an average American male.

    I made this calculation in the context of determining how big a Lego Death Star would be at minifig scale:

  2. Jim says:

    I spent some time trying to figure out a sensible scale for mf too. My conclusion was that the indiana jones type cars, (vintage cars and jeeps) with a one-piece dual seat were the best size. This gave me a scale based on a 6-stud wide car being equal to the width of a real car which is about 6 feet. 1 stud = 1′ or, as a ratio, 1:38.1 for an accurate conversion or 1:37.5 for a rounded 300mm foot aka fut.
    As a bonus if you’re from UK or US it makes scaling really easy to go with 1 stud = 1′.
    Another check is with the old school city wheel size which is just under 2 stud centres in diameter. Call it 15mm for clearance. 15 x 38 = 570mm. Now let’s take a typical tyre size eg 205/50-14 and that works out at 560mm diameter. pretty close.

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