Lego Challenge #27: Rustic Cabin

Today’s challenge: Build a rustic cabin in the mountains

This project is a natural extension of my last project… After a day of skiing at a resort, it’s time to rest at your idyllic mountain cabin. For my project, I wanted to build an A-frame style cabin, a common style in areas where a lot of snow can fall over the winter. (One day I’d love to own a small cabin in the mountains, but I digress.)

I hope he's drinking a tasty local brew.

I hope he’s drinking a tasty local brew.

Minifigs relax after a hard day on the slopes.

Minifigs relax after a hard day on the slopes.

I wanted to build this model to Minifig scale, so it needed to be pretty tall to accommodate the iconic peaked roof and two minifig sized floors. The building technique employed was pretty straightforward, although it took some work to attach a hinged roof with such a steep pitch.

Getting the lighting right was a challenge.

Getting the lighting right was a challenge.

I wanted the photo to look like light was coming out of the cabin, perhaps there is a warm fireplace inside. I tried a couple different light sources and nothing worked quite the way I wanted. I was trying to get a soft warm light, and unfortunately, all my flashlights use LED bulbs which are cool and too directional. In the end I used the light from my bike which worked best from the available options.


Building the triangular facade was frustrating, as it was only 1 to 2 studs deep and very fragile. (I think I smashed sections of it at least ten times before finishing the model.) That said, the model looks great, living up to my hopes for this design.

project time: 1 hour to build, 30 minutes to photograph.

Today’s post is part of my Lego Architecture Studio 30-day Challenge

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