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After splitting a major seed purchase with Alicia, I have a lot of new varieties to grow this year! 

 I am most excited about the new Heirloom Tomato varieties, the Runner Beans which should have brighlty colored flowers and yummy beans, and I am excited to grow broccolli for the first time.  I’m also enthusiastic to grow Chard and Tomatillos for the first time, and find out what to make with them.  We are also talking about trying a potato variety in one of our raised beds, which will also be something new and interesting.

Just a few of the new seed varieties that we ordered.  I’m especially excitedto grow things which are new.

My approach this year is to start seeds in a 72-seed starter tray, then transplant them into 4″ square pots as they outgrow the starter tray.  The starter trays are placed on a heat mat to raise the temperature by about 10 degrees from the temperature of the room.  They are covered with a clear humidity dome, andI am watering them by filling the tray with water and allowing it to soak up from below.  This doesn’t displace the seeds as watering from the top often does.  Starting with the second starter tray, I used a blend of compost, peat moss and perlite as my planting medium (The mix was sifted through hardware cloth to ensure that it was well broken up and debris-free.


Planting seeds into 72-cell starter trays.

Thus far, I have started 3.5 trays.  I did the first  tray in Jiffy peat pods with lettuces, tomatoes, basil, peppers, a few leeks, and some eggplant.   The Second tray was filled with young onions (18 Leeks, 18 Shallots, 18 green onions and 18 Walla Walla onions).  the third tray was filled only half way, with 3×3 blocks dedicated to Carrots, spinach and more.  The last tray contains the newest additions from this large order from Seed Savers, including my Broccolli (which germinated in only 2 days), heirloom tomatoes, additional pepper varieties, rosemary and sage. 

I have found that Peppers and Eggplants germinate extremely slowly (3 weeks), tomatoes take about a week, and broccolli takes only a couple days.

Updated Seed Inventory (a few varieties haven’t arrived yet.)

Seed Year Source
Arugula, Rocket 2007 Lilly Miller
Arugula, Sylvetta 2010 Seed Savers
Basil, greek spicy globe 2008 Botanical Interests
Basil, Lettuce Leaf 2008 Ferry Morse
Basil, Sweet Green 2005 Renee’s Garden
Basil, Sweet, large leaved 2009 Hart’s Seeds
Beans, Dow Gauk, Yard long bean 2007 Lilly Miller
Beans, Garden, Royal Burgundy (bush) 2008 Ferry Morse
Beans, Garden, Stringless Blue Lake (pole) 2006 Ferry Morse
Beans, Pole, Kentucky Blue 2009 Territorial Seed
Beet, Chioggia 2010 Seed Savers
Beet, Early Wonder 2007 Lilly Miller
Bok Choy, Green Delight Baby Bok Choy 2006 New Dimension Seed
Broccoli, Deciccor 2010 Seed Savers
Broccoli, Romanesco 2010 Seed Savers
Cabbage, January King 2009 Territorial Seed
Carrot, Danvers 2010 Seed Savers
Carrot, Paris market 2010 Seed Savers
Carrot, Scarlet (nantes type) 2006 Ferry Morse
Chard, Five color silverbeet 2010 Seed Savers
Corn, Sweet Corn, Early Sunglow 2009 Lilly Miller
Cucumbers, Tasty Green Hybrid 2006 Territorial Seed
Eggplant, Black Beauty 2006 Ferry Morse
Greens, Miner’s Lettuce 2009 Territorial Seed
Leek,  2010 Botanical Interests
Leek, American Flag 2009 Ferry Morse
Leek, Blue Solaize, 2010 Seed Savers
Lettuce, Black Seeded Simpson 2006 Ferry Morse
Lettuce, Black Seeded Simpson 2005 Seeds of Change
Lettuce, Butterhead, Tom Thumb 2009 Lilly Miller
Lettuce, Continuity Red Crisphead 2005 Seeds of Change
Lettuce, Green Deer Tongue 2009 Territorial Seed
Lettuce, New Red Fire 2009 Territorial Seed
Lettuce, Reine des Glaces OG 2010 Seed Savers
Lettuce, Speckled 2009 Seed Savers
Lettuce, Winterwunder 2009 Territorial Seed
Micro Greens, Mild Mix 2010 Botanical Interests
Okra, Clemson Spineless #80 2008 Ferry Morse
Onion, Evergreen Bunching 2009 Lilly Miller
Onion, Walla Walla Sweet 2009 Ed Hume Seed
Peas, Snap Pea, Cascadia 2009 Territorial Seed
Pepper, Aurora 2010 Seed Savers
Pepper, Marconi, Red 2010 Seed Savers
Radish, Red Silk 2005 Ferry Morse
Rosemary, 2010 Seed Savers
Runner Bean, Sunset 2010 Seed Savers
Sage, Green culinary 2010 Seed Savers
Shallot, Bonilla Hybrid 2009 Territorial Seed
Spinach, Bloomsdale Long Standing 2006 Ferry Morse
Spinach, Ginat Winter 2009 Territorial Seed
Squash, Early Prolific Straightneck 2008 Ferry Morse
Squash, Early Prolific Straightneck 2007 Ferry Morse
Squash, Straightneck Early Yellow 2008 American Seed
Sunflower, Autumn beauty  (#601) 2010 Seed Savers
Sunflower, Irish Eyes  (1088) 2010 Seed Savers
Teddy Bear Sunflower (#326)  2010 Seed Savers
Tomatillo, Purple de Milpa 2010 Seed Savers
Tomato, Better boy hybrid 2008 Ferry Morse
Tomato, Black Krim 2010 Seed Savers
Tomato, Blonkophchen 2010 Seed Savers
Tomato, Gold Medal 2010 Seed Savers
Tomato, Green Zebra 2010 Seed Savers
Tomato, Jubilee (yellow) 2008 Ferry Morse
Tomato, Mexico Midget 2010 Seed Savers
Tomato, Red Cherry, Large Fruited 2006 Ferry Morse
Tomato, Roma VFN 2008 Ferry Morse
Tomato, Siberian 2010 Seed Savers
Tomato, Stupice 2010 Seed Savers
Tomatoes, Brandywine (Sudduth’s Strain) #427 2010 Seed Savers

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  1. Amy says:

    Yay seeds! I can’t wait to have fresh vegetables around the house again!

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