The best fan-made LEGO architecture models

For the last couple months, I’ve been collecting the best LEGO architecture models by master builders from around the world. I’ve organized them into Pinterest boards for each architectural style, so it’s easy to find inspiration based on your favorite styles.

I hope I included your favorite LEGO Architecture models in this collection. If not, please share your favorite models which I’ve missed by leaving a comment below… Thanks!


Neoclassical, Palladian, Italianate and Fascist styles draw inspiration from classical Greek and Roman architecture and were most prominent in the 1700’s through the first World War, although the style remains popular for monuments and governmental buildings.


A collection of buildings and homes in the “International” or early Modern style. These styles were made possible by advances in materials and technology including far greater use of Steel, Glass and reinforced concrete. The style took off in the early 1900’s and is still popular today.

Art Deco

A collection of great LEGO models in the Art Deco and Art Nouveau styles. Art Nouveau is a highly decorated style which draws influence from a number of sources including Egyptian designs and Asrts and Crafts. Art Deco reinterpreted many of those forms into Skyscrapers and Streamlined shapes made possible with new modern materials. Some of the earliest true skyscrapers like the Chrysler building are masterpieces of Art Deco design.


“Baroque”, “Rococo”, and “Beaux Arts” styles diverged from classical forms into increasingly decorated and ornate designs. Many feature intricately carved plaster and stone inspired by foliage and floral shapes. Rococo was the most extreme expression of the style, at times gaudy and cacophonous decorative flourishes on top of relatively classical forms.


Gothic architecture was made possible by innovations in the use of Stonework. Architects employed flying buttresses and delicate arches to create bigger and bigger stained glass windows in Gothic cathedrals throughout Europe.


Deconstructivist and High Tech styles bring us to the forefront of Architectural style. Deconstructivist designs such as the works of Frank Gehry employ increasingly complex forms which are only practical with the advent of computer modeling and computer-aided manufacturing. High-tech buildings use the latest technology and materials, and expose their structure as part of their design.


Brutalism is a branch of Modern architecture which focuses on massive forms of reinforced concrete, usually built to a super-human scale. Many soviet-era futurist buildings are of the Brutalist style.


Postmodern architecture is a reaction against the sterility of Modern architecture, where architects re-incorporate classical design elements like columns and arches into buildings built with modern materials such as steel and glass. The style had it’s peak in the 1980’s.

Help me make this collection better!

This collection is a work in progress, and I need your help! If you find great LEGO architecture models which I haven’t seen yet, please leave a comment below so I can add it to the collection.

If you like what you see, follow my Pinterest boards or create your own board to re-pin your favorites!


Other Resources

11/6/2014: As I continue to update my Pinterest collections of great LEGO architecture, it is only fair to call out some of the best resources I’ve used to find great new LEGO models.

Great LEGO architecture collections:

  1. Lego Architecture and Design, an excellent and very active Flickr Group.
  2. LEGO Deco Moderne Googie, a Flickr Group.
  3. LEGO® Architecture: Towering Ambition, a Flickr Group.
  4. LEGO Buildings, a Pinterest collection by Aaron Garrett.
  5. LEGO City, a Pinterest collection by Tracy Buchanan.
  6. Landmarks collection on MOCpages, a huge collection of great LEGO building models.

Related resources:

  1. The Brothers Brick, a blog showcasing some of the finest LEGO models of all styles.
  2. Special LEGO Themes Forum on EuroBricks, A discussion board where folks frequently post LEGO Architecture and other styles.
  3. LEGO Architecture Forum on BrickPicker, Mostly discussion of official LEGO Architecture sets, but people sometimes show off their own creations.

2 Responses

  1. Tom Alphin says:

    Lots of great discussions about this collection on the LEGO Forums:

    Keep the visits coming, and please let me know if you find other great LEGO architecture models which I should add to these collections!


    P.S. It’s also interesting analyze popularity of these forums based on # of views for each post, and the # of referrals to my blog. (It looks like a pretty consistent 30% clickthrough rate for folks who looked at the forum post.)

    • Eurobricks: 213 views, 63 referrals = 29% Clickthrough Rate (CTR)
    • Brickset: 168 views, 46 referrals = 27% CTR
    • Brickpicker: 93 views, 29 referrals = 31% CTR
  2. Vincent says:

    I would like to help by sharing my own creations, which is modern architecture. Since I work as an architect, I try to incorporate the architectural thinking and design process into the bricks, and you can have a look at them:

    Box N –
    Flower Box –
    New Fire Brigade –

    Hope that helps!

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