The best fan-made LEGO architecture models

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  1. Tom Alphin says:

    Lots of great discussions about this collection on the LEGO Forums:

    Keep the visits coming, and please let me know if you find other great LEGO architecture models which I should add to these collections!


    P.S. It’s also interesting analyze popularity of these forums based on # of views for each post, and the # of referrals to my blog. (It looks like a pretty consistent 30% clickthrough rate for folks who looked at the forum post.)

    • Eurobricks: 213 views, 63 referrals = 29% Clickthrough Rate (CTR)
    • Brickset: 168 views, 46 referrals = 27% CTR
    • Brickpicker: 93 views, 29 referrals = 31% CTR
  2. Vincent says:

    I would like to help by sharing my own creations, which is modern architecture. Since I work as an architect, I try to incorporate the architectural thinking and design process into the bricks, and you can have a look at them:

    Box N –
    Flower Box –
    New Fire Brigade –

    Hope that helps!

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