Growing Potatoes, vertically!

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  1. Wilomis says:

    Tom, Amy has red hair and I believe is geneticaly predisposed to eating potatoes.
    By the by I am in the market for that computer we talked about over Christmas.
    Let’s get the conversation started. Is there a way to email you from this site. or should I message you via facebook? Let me know.

  2. John Keane says:

    I randomy found your blog searching for info on an antique potato bin I just found at a used furniture store. If you like sweet potatoes they are super easy to grow I dedicated 2 22inch ceramic planters and a large tree container a nursery gave me to sweet potatoes. I havested about 35 potatoes some over 4 inches in diameter. They are viney decorative plants as well.

    I like the blog by the way. If I had one my intrests would pretty much be subtitled the same way good luck. I may have to try out your raised bed design for adding levels i like that. I have 5 raised beds and a large inground area that I will probably convert to raised at some point.

  3. Tom Alphin says:

    RE: John Keane

    Cool, thank you for visiting and thanks for the kind comments. I hadn’t considered large ceramic planters, but it seems like an easy way to increase my growing space. Potatoes were a lot of fun to grow, so maybe I will try sweet potatoes as well.

  4. Rachelle says:

    So, how was the potato harvest, how did this project go?

    • Tom Alphin says:

      The first year I harvested in the early fall and got about 25 pounds, This year I harvested way too late, (late January) and got a larger harvest but with a few rotten potatoes and mold which set in after a week after harvest stored indoors. I don’t think I dried them quickly enough.

      It is a good crop, but after some issues i am taking a year off potatoes and will come back to it next year with fresh seed stock.

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